Dear members of EuCheMS societies,

As you know, EuCheMS believes that chemistry and the research community should have an active, positive role in society. Thus, I would like to kindly bring into your attention the Commission and Parliament reactions to two public positions recently taken by EuCheMS.

First is the answer from the European Commission´s President Juncker, who responded to EuCheMS concerns regarding the disappearance of the position of the European Commission Chief Scientific Adviser. President Juncker reassured that the role of science and evidence will continue to underpin the work of the Commission and that Commissioner Carlos Moedas (Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation) will soon present alternatives regarding the institutionalisation of the role of science at the European Commission.

Secondly there is the reply of European Parliament´s President Schulz to a public letter where EuCheMS expressed the urgency of looking into the latest scientific evidence and quickly act against climate change. President Schulz mentioned the resolution that the European Parliament took to the Climate Conference in Lima where the European Parliament calls for ambitious binding EU targets for 2030, concerning the emissions of greenhouse gases.

Please feel free to use and disseminate information about these communications amongst your colleagues.

With our Best Regards,
EuCheMS Secretariat


David Spichiger, SCS