Winners of the Fall Meeting's best Poster Presentation Awards

In each of the nine sessions the best presentations were award with a travel award and 400.- in cash for the winner and 250.- in cash for the two runners' up. The award was sponsored by DSM.



Session Analytical Chemistry
Winner: Daniel A. Frick, ETH Zürich
Runners' up: Vladimir Frankevich, ETH Zürich
Runners' up: Denis Prim, HES-SO

Session Catalysis
Winner: Izabela Czekaj, PSI, Villigen
Runners' up: Pierre-Emmanuel Car, University of Zurich
Runners' up: Nina-Luisa Michels, ETH Zurich
Runners' up: Fabian Fischer, HES-SO

Session Computational Chemistry
Winner: Dorothea Golze, Uni Zurich
Runners' up: Farnaz Heidar Zaden, Master University of Canada

Session Inorganic Chemistry
Winner: Daniel Can, University of Zurich
Runners' up: Alexander Tskhovrebov, EPF Lausanne
Runners' up: Weijia Gan, EPF Lausanne

Session Medicinal Chemistry
Winner: Alexander Titz, University of Konstanz
Runners' up: Thomas Jack, University of Bern
Runners' up: Christiane A. Kluba, University of Basel Hospital

Session Organic Chemistry A
Winner: Robert Kastl, ETH Zurich
Runners' up: Alice Lefranc, University of Geneva
Runners' up: Johann Bosson, University of Geneva

Session Organic Chemistry B
Winner: José Gomes, University of Basel
Runners' up: Marc-André Müller, University of Basel
Runners' up: Reto Frei, EPF Lausanne

Session Physical Chemistry
Winner: Brigitte Büchli, University of Zurich
Runners' up: Christa Haase, ETH Zurich
Runners' up: Marina Fedoseeva, University of Geneva

Session Polymers & Colloids
Winner: Payam Payamyar, ETH Zurich
Runners' up: Vincent Diedrich, ETH Zurich
Runners' up: Vladimir Torbeev, ETH Zurich

Congratulations to all winners!

More information:

David Spichiger, SCS