Logo Helvetica Wiley-VHCAOn the occasion of the SCS Fall Meeting 2019 Helvetica, represented by its eidtors in chief, Prof. Christophe Copéret and Prof. Jeff Bode, as well als Helvetica Managing Editor Dr. Richard Smith, awarded the Helvetica Prize of the Swiss Chemical Society for the best published papers of PhD/Postdocs 2018/19 in Helvetica Chimica Acta to Jovana Milić and Kevin Weiland. The prize is endowed with CHF 1'000 for the winner and CHF 500 for the runner up.

1st Prize: Jovana V. Milić (ETH Zurich, Group of Prof. François Diederich)
Title of the publication: «Thioether-Functionalized Quinone-Based Resorcin[4]arene Cavitands: Electroswitchable Molecular Actuators»
DOI: https://doi.org/10.1002/hlca.201800225

2nd Prize: Kevin J. Weiland (University of Basel, Group of  Prof. Marcel Mayor)
Title of the publication: «A Chiral Macrocyclic Oligothiophene with Broken Conjugation – Rapid Racemization through Internal Rotation»
DOI: https://doi.org/10.1002/hlca.201800205

It's the first time that the Journal in collaboration with the SCS awards this distinction. It highlights scienific excellence of two young researchers and both of them gave a 3min short communication at the SCS Fall Meeting 2019 at University of Zurich on September 6, 2019

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David Spichiger, SCS