SCS to Reward Innovative Teaching of Chemistry

The newly created Balmer Prize aims to provide a model within the teaching community, to raise public awareness of the importance of good science teaching and to improve the quality of chemistry teaching at high school level. The Swiss Chemical Society has created a new prize, the Balmer Prize, to award chemistry teachers for innovative teaching of chemistry at high school level. The award will be given for successful new and experimental didactic approaches to chemistry topics or for outstanding reviews of personal experience. The prize will be awarded annually and consists of either CHF 2000 for an individual teacher, with another CHF 2000 for the teacher’s chemistry department, or CHF 3000 for a team of teachers, with another CHF 1000 for the team’s chemistry department. The winning innovations must fit into a common high school curriculum and must be achievable at low cost so that they can be easily implemented. The call for bids and the evaluation of candidates will be realized together with the Swiss Science Teachers Association (Verein Schweizerischer Naturwissenschaftslehrerinnen und Naturwissenschaftslehrer, VSN). The Balmer Prize is sponsored by the Verlag Helvetica Chimica Acta and others.