The Werner Prize 2010, awarded to a promising young scientist for outstanding independent chemical research, goes to MER Dr. Sandrine Gerber from EPFL in Lausanne. The Sandmeyer Prize, awarded for outstanding work in industrial or applied chemistry, goes to to Markus Eyholzer, Michael Gottsponer, Norbert Kockmann and Dominique Roberge from Lonza. The Grammaticakis-Neumann Prize, awarded for outstanding independent research in photochemistry, photophysics or molecular photobiology, is awarded to Prof. Sivaguru Jayaraman from North Dakota State University (USA). The Dr. Max Lüthi Award is conferred on Benjamin Otter (Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz) for his diploma work "Entwicklung einer Anlage für visuelles online Monitoring von Kristallisationsprozessen". The Balmer Prize, awarded to teachers at high school (Gymnasium) level for innovation in chemistry teaching, goes to Roger Deuber and Dr. Juraj Lipscher from Kantonsschule Baden. Deubler adapted known methods for producing cyanotype photography with nontoxic materials and visible light. Lipscher developed new ways of linking art and chemistry. The SCS Medal - awarded for the first time - is conferred on Maurice Cosandey for his lifelong merits in promoting high quality standards in chemistry teaching and encouraging the young generation to study chemistry. He also facilitated contacts between secondary teaching and academia.