A comprehensive online platform has been launched to talk about the role of oil in modern society.



‘Fuelling Europe’s Future’, which acts as a one-stop-shop to learn about refining, looks at everyday products and applications made from oil and also at the contribution of the European refining industry to the economy, mobility and citizens. On www.fuellingeuropesfuture.eu visitors are able to navigate through an interactive animation or take a guided video tour to explore some of the most important oil-based products used today.


The portal also contains an in-depth technical and economic description of the refining industry in Europe, offering a wealth of information and easy-to-understand charts and graphics on how refining is fuelling the EU. Visitors can take a quiz in order to test their knowledge after exploring the site and, if they still have any doubts, they can send their questions to the site’s pool of experts.

A number of social media channels - Twitter, YouTube and Facebook – have been activated to follow the latest news of this campaign managed by EUROPIA, the European Petroleum Industry Association

Media contact
Alain Mathuren, Communication Manager