Logo DSMAt the SCS Fall Meeting 2013 in Lausanne on September 6, 2013, the best poster presentations of each session were awarded with the DSM poster award. 

The prizes were given for the best posters of each parallel session. The main criteria are the scientific quality and originality of the research, plus the quality of the presentation.

Prize Winner

  • cash contribution of CHF 400.00
  • travel voucher of CHF 750.00 to attend an international conference.

Runners‘ up Prize

  • cash contribution of CHF 250.00

The prize was sponsored by DSM, and were given by Dr. Georg Kau, Director R&D, DSM

Winners 2013

Analytical Sciences
Winner:         Simon K. Küster, University ETH Zürich
Runners-up: Hao Wang, ETH Zürich
                       Silvan R. Stucki, University of Bern

Catalysis Science & Engineering
Winner:         Maximilian Moser, ETH Zürich
Runners-up: Florent Héroguel, ETH Zürich
                       Oliver Martin, ETH Zürich

Computational Chemistry
Winner:         Sebastien Keller, ETH Zürich
Runners-up: Aurélien Patoz, EPF Lausanne

Inorganic & Coordination Chemistry
Winner:         Jeanne Bolliger, University of Cambridge
Runners-up: Martin Schwarzwälder, ETH Zürich
                      Miriam Oberholzer, University of Zürich

Medicinal Chemistry & Chemical Biology
Winner:         Roger Slavik, ETH Zürich
Runners-up: Diana C. Rueda, University of Basel
                       Marco Bartoloni, University of Bern
                       Lea Radtke, ETH Zürich
                       Aurélien Godinat, EPF Lausanne

Organic Chemistry A: Catalytic Methodologies and Sustainable Processes
Winner:         Patrick Isenegger, University of Basel
Runners-up: Michael Rickhaus, University of Basel
                       Nicolas Germain, University of Geneva

Organic Chemistry B: Synthetic Methodologies and Applications
Winner:         Thomas Buyck, EPF Lausanne
Runners-up: Benjamin Wyler, University of Bern

Physical Chemistry
Winner:         Maarten Eduard Van Reijzen, EPF Lausanne
Runners-up: Arnulf Rosspeintner, University of Geneva
                       Heiner Sassmannshausen, ETH Zürich

Polymers, Colloids & Interfaces
Winner:         Francesco Nazzani, University of Fribourg
Runners-up: Martin Rother, University of Basel
                       Xiaoyan Zhang, University of Basel

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David Spichiger, SCS