Logo MetrohmAt the SCS Fall Meeting 2013 in Lausanne on September 6, 2013, the best oral presentations of each session were awarded with the Metrohm oral presentation award. 

The prize is given for the two best presentations of each parallel session. The main criteria are the scientific quality and originality of the research, plus the quality of the presentation.

Prizes for Winners

  • cash contribution of CHF 500.00
  • travel voucher of CHF 750.00 to attend an international conference.
  • invitation to present the research in the laureates issue of CHIMIA. Value CHF 1’000.00

Prizes for Runners‘ up

  • cash contribution of CHF 300.00

The prize is sponsored by Metrohm and given by Dr. Markus Tobler, CEO Metrohm Schweiz AG

Winners 2013

Analytical Sciences
Winner: Luca Fornelli, EPF Lausanne
Runners' up: Caroline Münsterer, ETH Zürich

Catalysis Science & Engineering
Winner: Emiliana Fabbri, PSI Villigen
Runners' up: Karol Furman, ETH Zürich

Computational Chemistry
Winner: Jérôme Gonthier, EPF Lausanne
Runners' up: Gloria Capano, EPF Lausanne

Inorganic & Coordination Chemistry
Winner: Angèle Monney, LIKAT Rostock
Runners' up: Jan Breitenfeld, EPF Lausanne

Medicinal Chemistry & Chemical Biology
Winner: Thomas Jack, University of Bern
Runners' up: Roland C. Preston, University of Basel

Organic Chemistry A: Catalytic Methodologies and Sustainable Processes
Winner: Cecilia Tortoreto, University of Geneva
Runners' up: Baihua Ye, EPF Lausanne

Organic Chemistry B: Synthetic Methodologies and Applications
Winner: Caroline Souris, Max-Planck-Institut für Kohlenforschung
Runners' up: Gabriel Schäfer, ETH Zürich

Physical Chemistry
Winner: Benjamin Bertsche, EPF Lausanne
Runners' up: Susan Blaser, University of Bern

Polymers, Colloids & Interfaces
Winner: Philipp Anstaett, University of Zürich
Runners' up: Zhikun Zheng, ETH Zürich

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David Spichiger, SCS