On the occation of the SCS Fall Meeting VIP Dinner in Lausanne on Spetember 5, 2013 the KGF-SCS Industrial Investigator Awards, the Sandmeyer Award and the the Grammaticakis-Neumann Prize were given to the 2013 winners.  

During the apero of the VIP Dinner on the terrasse of the Starling Hotel at EPFL Lausanne the following winners were awarded and honored for their outstanding scientific contributions.

Grammaticakis-Neumann Award 2013

Prof. Uwe Pischel, Huelva (ESP)
... in recognition of his important contribution to the development of photoactive molecular logic gates.

KGF Industrial Investigator Awards 2013

Distinguished KGF-SCS Award

Prof. Klaus MüllerF. Hoffmann-La Roche AG, Basel and ETH Zürich
...for pioneering a number of important and crucial scientific initiatives both in academia and industry and most importantly for his early pioneering in ensuring quality academic-industry relations.

Senior KGF-SCS Award

Dr. Ian LewisNovartis Institutes of Biomedical Research, Basel, 
... for the design and synthesis of SOM230/Pasireotide (Signifor®), as the first pituitary directed medical therapy for Cushing’s disease approved by EMEA and FDA in 2012.

PD Dr. Werner Bonrath, DSM Nutritional Products, Basel
... for his contributions in the fields of Vitamins, Carotenoids and Flavor and Fragrances, always related to the application of new catalytic processes which can be industrialized.


Dr. Mark Rogers-EvansF. Hoffmann-La Roche, Basel
...for his work in medicinal chemistry, particularly for his studies of small heterocyclic ring systems such as Oxetanes and Azaspiro[3.4]octanes.

Sandmeyer Award 2013

Dr. Ralf Duempelmann, Dr. Pascal Steffanut, Dr. Samuel Dagorne, Dr. Stephane Bellemin
Clariant Group R&D and CNRS-Université de Strasbourg
... in recognition of their work on N-heterocyclic carbene based zirconium complexes for use in ring opening polymerization.

Photos of the ceremonies

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