ChemMedChem Cover9-13The back cover picture and its corresponding scientific article of MedChemMed 9/13 is provided by Thomas Fischer and Prof. Dr. Rainer Riedl from ZHAW: «Strategic Targeting of Multiple Water-Mediated Interactions: A Concise and Rational Structure-Based Design Approach to Potent and Selective MMP-13 Inhibitors (ChemMedChem 9/2013) (page 1572)»

The back cover picture depicts the beauty and significance of water molecules, key structural components in the architecture of living systems, for the rational design of small molecules with tailored biological activity. A potent and selective inhibitor of the therapeutically relevant target matrix metalloproteinase 13 was realized, without any screening activities, by a concise structure-based approach targeting multiple water molecules as binding partners. For more details, see the Communication by Rainer Riedl et al. on p. 1457 ff.

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