The Swiss Chemical Society is proud and happy to announce the SCS Award Winners 2013 and to honor their outstanding achievements.


We sincerely congratulate all winners and we are looking forward to the ceremonies and award lectures that will take place during the next year.

Werner Prizes 2013
CHF 5'000 and medal in bronze.
The prize is given to 


Prof. Cristina Nevado, University of Zurich,

for the development of original Au(I)/Au(III) catalyzed reactions, the investigation of underlying mechanisms and elegant applications in natural product synthesis.



Prof. Clément Mazet, University of Geneva,

for his achievements in asymmetric catalysis of challenging reactions, notably the iridium catalyzed isomerization of allylic alcohols to chiral aldehydes and the alpha-arylation of aldehydes.

Grammaticakis-Neumann Prize 2013
CHF 5'000
The prize is given to  


Prof. Uwe Pischel, University of Huelva,

for his important contribution to the development of photoactive molecular logic gates.


Sandmeyer Award 2013
CHF 20'000
The award is given to



the joint research team from Clariant R&D and the CNRS-University of Strassbourg,

Dr. Pascal Steffanut, Clariant,
Dr. Ralf Duempelmann, Clariant,
Dr. Samuel Dagorne, CNRS,
Dr. Stephane Bellemin, CNRS,

for their work on N-heterocyclic carbene based zirconium complexes for use in ring opening polymerization.


Dr. Max Lüthi Award 2013
CHF 1'000 and medal in bronze. The award is given to 

Herr Peter Elmiger, Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften ZHAW,
in Anerkennung für seine FH-Diplomarbeit «Design und Synthese von neuen MMP-Inhibitoren».

M. Christophe Laporte , Ecole d’ ingénieurs et d’ architectes de Fribourg,
en reconnaissance de son projet de fin d'études  «Quantification de traces d’ammonium par fluorimétrie et automatisation de l’analyse sur FIA»


Balmer Prize 2013
CHF 2'000 and medal in bronze for the prize winner and 2'000 for the school's chemistry department

Dr. Thomas Berset, Kantonsschule Musegg Luzern,
für sein Projekt «"Primarschulchemie“, in dem Gymnasiasten/innen chemische Experimente für Primarschüler/innen in innovativer und nachhaltiger Weise anleiten und erklären»


David Spichiger, SCS