Ilmac 2024

Platform for Chemistry, Pharmacy and Biotechnology
September 18-19, 2024, Beaulieu Lausanne,

Ilmac has its origins in the Swiss trade fair for international laboratory, measurement and automation technology in chemistry, which has been held since 1959. Today, the chemistry and life science brand networks the industry both physically and digitally.

With its value proposition “Inspiring the Future of Chemistry and Life Sciences”, it encourages the development of new ideas and solutions and presents trends and innovations from research and industry.
Every two years, the Ilmac industry event at the important Lausanne site is the largest meeting place for the chemical and life science industry in French-speaking Switzerland.

The SCS, as the initial founder of the fair, is partnering with Messe Schweiz and coordinates the collaboration with society partners and the Universities of Applies Sciences. The SCS and its partners are the organizers of the Ilmac Conference.

Registration for Participants
Register for free as participant with the SCS opromo code: scs-ilmac24.
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Ilmac Conference, Day 1: «Latest Advances in (Semi-) Non-targeted Analysis»

As part of Ilmac Lausanne, the symposium offers insights into non-targeted methods in the analytical sciences and their specific applications in food chemistry.

Non-target-screening has developed in recent years from research into a promising method with a wide range of applications in analytical sciences. In the morning session renowned experts show latest advances of these methods in material science, laboratory medicine, water and agricultural research. The afternoon session will focus on specific applications in food chemistry, such as general spectra interpretation, non-target and semi-non-target contaminant search like PFAS. The symposium is intended for participants from academia, expert laboratories and industry.

09.45      Welcome and symposium opening
                   Presentation of SCS Division of Analytical Sciences and SwissFoodChem

10.00      Keynote
                   Oliver Schmidt, Niedersächsiches Landesamt für Verbraucherschutz und Lebensmittelsicherheit (LAVES)
                  «Recycled food packaging - Compliance from an authority's perspective»

10.45      Prof. Gavin O'Connor, TU/PTB Branschweig
                «Challenges in the standardisation of non-targeted quantitative methods of analysis»

11.15      Short break

11.30      Dipl. Ing. Heinz Singer, Eawag Dübendorf 
                «Unmasking the Unknown: Non-target Analysis in the aquatic environment»

12.00     Valeria Leoni, Dr. Gregory Pimentel, Agroscope
                 «Non-targeted mass spectrometry in agricultural research: example of the identification of pollen species, and nutritional value of fermented food»

12.30      Lunch and networking

13.30      Start-up Session: 3min Pitches

  • ApiniLabs AG (Information technology), Manuel Kötter, Basel
  • ENANTIOS (Lab technologie), Carin Lightner, Zürich
  • goodbot UG (Lab technologie), Julius Wiener, Freiburg
  • Isospec Analytics SA (Lab technologie), Stephan Warnke, Renens
  • ORYL Photonics Sàrl (Lab technologie), Nathan Dupertuis, Lausanne
  • Rapid Fluidics Ltd (Process technology), Paul Marshall, Newcastle upon Tyne
  • EcoDemand LLC (Biotech), Flavio Somanji, Boston
  • Nonex GmbH (Biotech), Ali Seidi, Bern

14.00      Keynote
                  Dr. Thomas Letzel, Analytisches Forschungsinstitut für Non-Target Screening GmbH, Augsburg
                «Mass Spectometric Non-Target Screening - Interdisciplinary Solutions and Data Handling»

14.45     Dr. Samy Boulos, ETH Zurich
                «High-resolution mass spectrometry to explore the reactivity and health-promoting functions of dietary fibers»

15.15      Break

15.30     Dr. Alexander Scherl, Office cantonal de la santé, Service de la consommation et des affaires vétérinaires (SCAV), Genève
                «Suspect Screening Food Supplements»

16.00      Dr. Xanthippe Theurillat, Nestle Research Center, Lausanne
                «Broadening the scope of PFAS analysis in food: No compromise in data reliability»

16.30      Conclusion, end of the symposium

17.00      Ilmac Reception and Aperitif

Organizing Committee

Hanspeter Andres, METAS, SCS Division of Analytical Sciences
Thomas Gude, Thomas Gude GmbH, SwissFoodChem

Ilmac Conference, Day 2: «BioAlps Forum»

organised in partnership with the Swiss Biotech Association.

This first session will present case studies in lab automation. Showcasing the innovation behind the acceleration of efficiency, sustainability, and precision. In the second session we will focus on case studies from partners developing and making use of AI and ML innovations to optimise and accelerate drug development.

09.30      Welcome and symposium opening /
                   Presentations from the organizing associations: BioAlps Association and Swiss Biotech Association

09.45      Session 1: Future of Labs – Latest innovations and outlook.

                   Alain Farine, JAG Jakob
                   Georges Muller, SEED Biosciences
                   Adrien Roux, HEPIA – Tissue Engineering Laboratory
                   Sébastien Walpen, CEIDOS

10.30      Short break

10.45      Session 2: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applied to drug development.

                   Loïc Roch, Atinary
                   Jo Varshney, VeriSim Life
                   Jean-Philippe Fricker, Cerebras               
                   Raphëlle Luisier, IDIAP Research Institute
                   Marion Bossy, SOPHiA GENETICS

11.30      Networking

12.00      Lunch Break

13.30      Start-up Session: 3min Pitches

  • CapCo Bio GmbH (Biotech), Irma Ochigava, Freiburg im Breisgau
  • inSEIT AG (Pharma), Gordon Honeyman, Bern
  • MedScienceSwiss AG (Biotech), Pierre Vollenweider, Küsnacht
  • UniteLabs GmbH (Information technology), Robert Zechlin, München
  • Unomr (Lab technology), Til Schlotter, Zürich
  • Aerospec SA (Information technology), Nikunj Dudani, Lausanne
  • Biomatics (Biotech), Chloé Albietz, La Tzoumaz
  • Ceidos SA (Process technology), Sébastien Walpen, Monthey

15.45      Networking

Organizing Committee

Magali Bischof (Ribes), BioAlps Association
Aditya Yellepeddi, Swiss Biotech Association