The Swiss Chemical Society is horrified by the invasion of Ukraine and is deeply moved by what the population is enduring. We urge all the members of the SCS community in Switzerland and throughout the world to do whatever they can to make this tragedy stop and to show solidarity. Every gesture counts!

The impact of this war will be profound and long lasting at all levels, and also on education and research. The Swiss academic authorities already have expressed their support for Ukrainian professors, researchers and students. The Board of the SCS considers it self-evident that we make our contribution where possible as well. We are therefore offering free SCG membership 2022 to all refugee Ukrainian scientists who have come to Switzerland, in the hope that we can provide networking and integration opportunities for these individuals. 

To become an SCG member please go to and add in the comment field that you are a Ukrainian scientist who would like to benefit from the special offer.

The Board is carefully following what is happening and will communicate further support measures when we see the opportunity to do so.

We also strongly pledge to continue providing support to all scientists, as long as they are not directly involved in this conflict. It is more than ever important to let scholars do their work and express their opinions without fear of retribution, independently of their nationality and affiliation.

In the name of the SCS and the Board or Directors
Prof. Christian Bochet, President
Dr. Yves Auberson, Vice-President
David Spichiger, Executive Director


David Spichiger, SCS