To: EuCheMS Member Societies, EuCheMS Divisions, Working Parties and EYCN, EuCheMS Executive Board 

Dear Colleague, 

As chair of the Scientific Committee of ECC8 (Lisbon, 2020) it is my pleasure to contact you to provide key information on the event, and to ask your thoughts and proposals for some matters of the conference. As you may know, ECC8 will take place in Lisbon (Lisbon Congress Center), from August 30 to September 3, 2020. 

ECC8 will be built under the unifying theme of Chemistry the Central Science, providing an exciting scientific program led by world class experts, and will focus on the central role of chemistry at the interfaces with biology, material and environmental sciences, both for the progress of humankind and for the solution of fundamental problems of modern societies. The program will reflect the best research done in Europe and its world impact. A balance with respect to all forms of diversity will of course be a guiding principle in the choice of speakers. Young researchers will be supported both in financial terms as well as with respect to presentation opportunities. 

Our proposal for the ECC8 scientific themes are: 

  • Advances in Synthetic Organic Methodologies
  • Metal-Containing Compounds and Solids: Properties and Applications
  • Chemistry Meets Biology
  • Colloids and Nanomaterials
  • Biomaterials and Medicinal Chemistry
  • Catalysis -Spectroscopic and Analytical Tools / Advances in Physical Chemistry 

The list of proposed sub-themes are provisionally shown in the table. We would be most grateful on your thoughts about them, including new proposals, and also how you think they fit within the general themes (please use the table). 

A new feature of ECC8 are the three Transversal themes, bringing together different areas with implications in common topics: -Imaging and Devices -Energy and Sustainability -Molecules in Motion 

The themes (and subthemes) will run in parallel sessions in the morning, whereas the transversal themes will occupy the afternoons (one per day) in sessions common to all participants (see table used above). 

Any other thoughts and suggestions, including possible plenary lecturers, possible special activities, sponsors, are welcome. Feedback form.

Please reply not later than December 7/2018. 

After setting the sub-themes, the Scientific Committee will choose the respective convenors and the invited speakers. 

The ECC8 Scientific Committee members are: Luisa De Cola – Chair (Univ. Strasbourg, France) Mário Berberan-Santos – Co-Chair (Univ. Lisbon, Portugal) Artur M. S. Silva – Portuguese Chemical Society (Univ. Aveiro, Portugal) 

Alice Soldà (European Young Chemists´ Network – Technical Univ. Munich, Germany) Katharina M. Fromm (Univ. Fribourg, Switzerland) Piotr Stepnowski (Univ. Gdansk, Poland) Paolo Melchiorre (ICIQ, Tarragona, Spain) Roland Winter (Technical Univ. Dortmund) Rene Janssen (Univ. Eindhoven, Netherlands) Oren Scherman (Univ. Cambridge, UK) John Cassidy (Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland) Maria Lucia Curri (Univ Bari, Italy) 

Looking forward to receiving your important contributions, I remain 

Luisa De Cola Professor
University of Strasbourg, France


David Spichiger, SCS