EPFL Master students in Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology must undertake a 4 to 6 month internship in companies or administrations at the end of their studies (5th year). Duration: 4 to 6 months Internship starting date: between mid-July 2012 and mid-October 2012 Internship ending date: mid-February 2013 at the latest. The exact internship dates and duration are defined by the company. To facilitate the communication with the companies, the EPFL set up a web portal where the company can create an account and post the job offers (2-3 lines are enough). The portal is common to all EPFL masters. The company can select the Master(s) of interest for each internship subject. The company receives the CV and cover letters directly on its account and interviews the candidates of interest, as it does usually in its recruitment process. A simple email with a short topic can also simply sent to . It will be published to our students. Topics can be sent any time but students apply generally early spring. Detailed information and access to the portal to publish topics can be found on the web site or the attached pdf file.