The sharing of data will enable researchers to do better science. Open science advocates for access to high-quality shared data, reproducibility, the provision of negative as well as positive results, and clear licensing that describes how data may be used. Improvements in technical infrastructure and software have the potential to make collaboration more effective, ultimately accelerating science and making it more impactful. However, the advances in areas like machine learning and artificial intelligence can only be fully exploited if researchers have access to the high-quality data that the scientific community generates. (Based on Matthew Todd’s statement on The Importance of Open Science at Chemistry Europe)

Committed to promote open access and open data, Chemistry Europe presents this Special Collection that compiles a selection of works on these topics, published across our portfolio. A recording to the Virtual Symposium organized by ChemistryOpen, "Open Data and Open-Source Research", is also available. Read more

Céline Wittwer, SCS