Hello and welcome to the first edition of the 2021 Chemistry in Europe - the newsletter mainly intended for an audience of chemists, but everyone is welcome to subscribe. The Chemistry in Europe newsletter includes contributions from our team, Members, Professional Networks and more. It informs you about research in Europe, provides updates from EuChemS Member Organisations, and looks into policy-related developments.

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What to expect in this issue:

Light at the end of the tunnel

EuChemS at #GWB2021
Together for more Chemistry
Year Book 2020

Prosciutto pizza for vegans: haute cuisine?
How can plants become sensors of toxic chemicals?

Recovering non-conventional water sources to combat water scarcity

Members' Perspectives
GDCh and ACS panel discussion about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
News from the Hungarian Chemical Society
Bridging Christmas Traditions

Welcome in your new role at EuChemS!
Pilar Goya awarded the HonFRSC designation

EYCN Podcast – Chemistry to your ears

Chemistry Talks NEW
A European Chemist, If Not A World Citizen



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