CHIMIA covers the interests of a wide and diverse readership. Contributions from all fields of chemistry and related areas are considered for publication in the form of Review Articles and Notes. A characteristic feature of CHIMIA are the thematic issues, each devoted to an area of great current significance.

Editorial Program 2021 and Guest Editors:
Issue 1-2: The Future of Chemical Education C. Housecroft, University of Basel / J. Cvengros, ETH Zurich
Issue 3: H2 Production and CO2 Conversion: Insights and Progress G. Patzke, University of Zurich
Issue 4: Laureates, Junior Prizes Fall Meeting 2020 H.P. Lüthi, ETH Zurich and SCS Foundation / Silvio Decurtins, University of Bern
Issue 5: Colloidal Nanocrystals J. De Roo, University of Basel • Issue 6: Peptide Chemistry in Switzerland J-L. Reymond, University of Bern
Issue 7-8: SCS Major Awards / SCS Fall Meeting A. De Mesmaeker, SCS / C. Housecroft, University of Basel • Issue 9: Green and Sustainable Chemistry F. Gallou, Novartis, / E. Godineau, Syngenta
Issue 10: Photochemistry C. Bochet, University of Fribourg
Issue 11: Industry-Academic Partnerships C. Sparr, University of Basel
Issue 12: Chemical Biology H. Riezmann, University of Geneva

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Céline Wittwer, SCS