Editorial Program 2021

Issue Publication
Topic, Guest Editor
1-2 24.02.21

The Future of Chemical Education
C. Housecroft, University of Basel / J. Cvengros, ETH Zurich

3 24.03.21

H2 Production and CO2 Conversion: Insights and Progress
G. Patzke, University of Zurich

4 28.04.21

Laureates Junior Prizes Fall Meeting 2020
H.P. Lüthi, ETH Zurich / SCS Foundation

5 26.05.21

Colloidal Nanocrystals
H.-P. Meyer, HES-SO, R. Wohlgemuth, SKB

6 23.06.21

Peptide Chemistry in Switzerland
J-L. Remond, University of Bern

7-8 11.08.21

SCS Major Awards / SCS Fall Meeting
A. De Mesmaeker, SCS, C. Housecroft, University of Basel

9 29.09.21

Green and Sustainable Chemistry
F. Gallou, Novartis, E. Godineau, Syngenta

10 27.10.21

Ch. Bochet, University of Fribourg

11 24.11.21

Industry-Academic Partnerships
Chr. Sparr, University of Basel

12 22.12.21

Chemical Biology
H. Riemann, University of Geneva

Editor-in-Chief 2021

Prof. Catherine Housecroft, University of Basel

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