More scientists, more publications, more competition. As in the past, growth continued unabated worldwide in 2018 and is also reflected in the performance metrics of the ChemPubSoc Europe / Wiley-VCH publishing program, which now consists of 16 titles. The most recent product, ChemSystemsChem, was announced in Fall 2018. In 2018, the journals that are co-owned by ChemPubSoc Europe societies published nearly 9,000 articles (excluding contributions to the online publication ChemViews Magazine).

190220 CPSE Societies Journals

Compared to the previous year, manuscript submissions grew by 12%, and the number of published articles rose by approximately 5%. A record number of full-text downloads, >8.9 million, was witnessed for the ChemPubSoc Europe journals, with increases in usage compared to the same time last year; notable among them ca. +20–30% for ChemCatChem, ChemElectroChem, ChemMedChem, and ChemPlusChem; and ca. +70% for ChemistrySelect and ChemPhotoChem.

Approximately 3% of articles published in ChemPubSoc Europe's hybrid journals in 2018 were open access: ca. 10% at ChemBioChem and ca. 5% at ChemCatChem, Chemistry—A European Journal, ChemMedChem, and ChemPhysChem, respectively. ChemPubSoc Europe's gold open access journal, ChemistryOpen, experienced a ca. 47% growth in submissions compared to 2017.



David Spichiger, SCS