The European Chemical Society (EuChemS) invites their members to the EuChemS Awards Information Sessionthe last EuChemS webinar this year on: 

Tuesday 24 November, 10:00 CET.

During the event, they will present nomination and evaluation processes for EuChemS Awards, answer your questions, and share evaluators’ experience as well as views of the decision-makers.
*Please note that registration for this event is mandatory.
During the webinar, each award will first be explained by a video of about 8 minutes, followed by an interactive session, where our guests will be answering your questions and sharing their views and experience.
The EuChemS awards will be presented in the following order:
  • European Chemistry Gold Medal Award
  • EuChemS Lecture Award
  • EuChemS Award for Service
  • EuChemS Historical Landmarks Award
  • European Young Chemists’ Award (EYCA)
The videos will be featured by L. Jousset and J. Lazić (EuChemS Science Communication and Policy Officers) and A. M. Rodríguez (EYCN Chair).
Our guests for interactive sessions are P. Goya (EuChemS President)B. Van Tiggelen (Chair of the EuChemS Historical Landmark Selection Committee) and  A. Agostiano (Chair of the European Young Chemists Award Committee).
More information about the event is available on EuChemS Website.

Céline Wittwer, SCS