The 2022 EuChemS Yearbook was released in early March. It contains all the activities of EuChemS over the course of the last year.

EuChemS was involved in numerous scientific and science-policy related undertakings in 2022. The yearbook provides descriptions of policy related advisory groups and events of EuChemS – including, but not limited to stakeholder group participations and policy workshops -, as well as its efforts to strengthen the European chemistry community – most notably the 8th EuChemS Chemistry Congress in Lisbon. It also lists EuChemS Science Communication initiatives and data, as well as information on the constitution of the 2022 Executive board, Divisions, Member Societies and secretariat.

The production of the yearbook was coordinated by the EuChemS Secretariat, but many more members of EuChemS contributed to ensuring the high quality and accuracy of the publication.

We are delighted to invite you to read our 2022 yearbook, and we would be happy to hear about any feedback you may have!

Read the 2022 EuChemS Yeabook


David Spichiger, SCS | Marton Kottmayer, EuChemS