Since many years, Magritek participates in many of the SCS events as exhibitor and presents the Spinsolve Benchtop NMR. As most of the SCS events were shifted to the virtual room, you could not meet the Magritek representatives in person. Therefore we are happy to offer you the possibility to look at the new Magritek NMR in one of the provided webinars.

Magritek is very pleased to offer one presentation by the CEO Dr. Andrew Coy explaining the latest Spinsolve developments and application examples in academic and industrial environments. In a second webinar the application scientist Dr. Sanel Suljic presents benchtop NMR in reaction monitoring and catalysis applications. 

Attend the webinar on latest developments and example applications and you will:

  • Understand the latest updates and developments of the Spinsolve product line.
  • See how benchtop NMR can be used for reaction monitoring and determination of
    reaction endpoints in real time.
  • Realize how even metabolites can be examined in fermentation processes.
  • Learn how the Spinsolve with variable temperature option will cover new application areas.
  • Be impressed how pulsed field gradients can be used on benchtop NMR spectroscopy 
    systems to determine self-diffusion coefficients.

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Benchtop NMR systems have become indispensable analytical lab instruments during the past few years. While the launch of the Spinsolve 80 MHz NMR spectrometer pushes the limits in chemical shift spreading and sensitivity further, the introduction of the Spinsolve Autosampler facilitates a run of up to 20 tubes in one fully automatized cycle while an individual list of NMR protocols can be applied to each sample. Magritek’s Spinsolve Benchtop NMR spectrometers

  • Offer the highest sensitivity, resolution and stability of all benchtop NMR
    models on the market
  • Come fully equipped with intuitive software
  • Operate in a fast, easy and convenient way
  • Only need electricity for operation (no need for cryogens like liquid helium or liquid nitrogen)

Magritek is looking forward to answering any question of the audience. Thank you in advance.

With best regards and stay healthy.
Your Magritek Team


David Spichiger, SCS