Logo EuCheMS-DACThe Robert-Kellner-Lecture, sponsored by Springer Verlag, was established by the Division of Analytical Chemistry of the European Association for Chemical and Molecular Sciences (DAC-EuCheMS) in 2003 in memory of the efforts and achievements of the late Robert Kellner from Vienna University of Technology towards the consolidation of analytical chemistry in Europe. The awardee shall be a European individual who has made substantial recent contributions (in the last five years) to the advancement of analytical chemistry research or education. The lecture shall be delivered as a prominent plenary lecture at the Euroanalysis conference 2017.

The DAC-EuCheMS Award (also sponsored by Springer Verlag) honours sustained contributions to analytical chemistry in Europe. The awardee shall be a distinguished European individual who has demonstrated significant and sustained achievements in analytical chemistry research or
education throughout his or her career. The awardee is expected to deliver a lecture at the Euroanalysis conference 2017.

Candidates for these awards may be proposed by one of the European Chemical Societies, other scientific bodies or individual scientists (self-nomination excluded). Details can also be found in the DAC Procedures and Practices on the DAC-EuCheMS website (www.euchems.eu/divisions/analyticalchemistry). The nomination must include a justification letter describing the achievements and the candidate‘s curriculum vitae and address. It must reach the secretary of DAC-EuCheMS (wolfgang.buchberger@ jku.at) before 31 October 2016.


Source: EuCheMS Newsletter, September 2016
David Spichiger, SCS; 15.08.16