ChemAxon offers free access to all features of the recently developed chemistry online learning platform to universities closed due to coronavirus outbreak. University teachers can get free access to Zosimos online educational framework, to help facilitate online learning in their chemistry classes. How to apply? Please provide your email address via the link shown at the end of this article to receive the access link to a classroom within a few hours. How can Zosimos help closed higher educational institutions to teach chemistry?

• The teacher manages a virtual class and sends the class link to the students. The students can start joining the class with a simple click on a link. The teacher formulates practice problems and sets the criteria for the evaluation of student responses.
• The teacher can either draw a molecule or enter a text as criteria for the evaluation of student responses. Because of the structure drawing, Zosimos is especially good at organic chemistry education.
• The teacher adds the practice quiz to the virtual class and students can already start practicing on their own schedule.
• The teacher can see the progress of the students and the automatically evaluated responses of the students.
• The teacher may also assign a quiz to the students within a set time frame. It may be used for homework or tests and the result is only visible to the students once the teacher has closed the assessment.
• Zosimos is supported on laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

Please keep in mind that this offer is valid for usage until the end of September 2020.

Céline Wittwer, SCS