Date: 04 September 2019
Time: 15:00 (UK, BST) - 16:00

This webinar will provide an introduction to green chemistry with some useful tools and metrics for developing a greener process for API manufacturing of small molecules. Three metrics will be discussed:

  • process mass intensity (PMI)
  • complete E-Factor (cEF)
  • the innovation green aspiration level (iGAL)

– that allows for you to gauge how green your API process is relative to an industry standard. While the content is largely focused on a pharma audience, the principles are applicable across industries.

Who should attend?: Scientists and engineers working in small molecule research and development.

Presented by:
Dr Stefan Koenig, Genentech
Dr Erin O’Brien, Biogen

Thanks to ACS Green Chemistry Institute and IQ Consortium for sponsoring this webinar:

This webinar will take place at the following times:
3.00 pm (BST) London, Lisbon
4.00 pm Central Europe, Paris, Frankfurt
10.00 am New York, Boston
7.00 am San Francisco

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David Spichiger, SCS