The Swiss Chemical Society is happy to announce the 2012 winners of the SCS awards. We would like to sincerely congratulate all prizewinners.


Paracelsus Prize

The prize is awarded to Prof. Bernd Giese, Uni Basel and Fribourg
for his pioneering work on stereoselective radical reactions in synthesis and his elaboration of the mechanism of electron transfer processes in biopolymers.

Werner Prize

The prize is given to Prof. Nicolai Cramer, EPF Lausanne
for his pioneering studies in metal catalyzed C-C and C-H activation reactions and their application in organic synthesis.

Grammatikacis-Neumann Prize

The prize is awarded to Prof. Hans Jakob Wörner, ETH Zurich
in recognition of his pioneering investigations of molecular reaction dynamics on the sub-femtosecond time scale

Balmer Prize

The prize is given to M. Marc Montangero gymnase de Morges (VD)
for his weekly popular internet show on chemistry during the International Year of Chemistry 2011

Dr. Max Lüthi Award

The award is attributed to Ms. Lucie Sägesser, ZHAW
for her ‚Bachelor Diploma work‘ on preparative and analytical investigations of the positive effect of the ‚papersave swiss‘ process on iron gall inks

Sandmeyer Award – sponsored by KPMG

CHF 10,000 for individuals or CHF 20,000 for groups
The prizewinners will be published by KPMG and SCS in Q1/2012,


David Spichiger, SCS