At it's last Board Meeting the Division of Polymers, Colloids & Interfaces assigned four new board members:

  • Prof. Esther Amstad, EPFL Lausanne
    Soft Materials
  • Prof. Athina Anastasaki, ETH Zürich
    Polymeric Materials
  • Prof. Holger Frauenrath, EPFL Lausanne
    Macromolecular and Organic Materials
  • Dr. Laurent Sagalowicz, Nestle, Lausanne
    Lipid Expert

We like to thank Frank Scheffold, Universität Fribourg, Matthias Schultz, Givaudan Schweiz AG, Bettina Steinmann, 3D Systems SA and Jürgen Vogt who stepped down and who were DPCI board members for many years.



David Spichiger, SCS