IRISS-Project recently released a couple of very interesting content:

To give you a teaser, what you can find there, here is the actual line-up:

IRISS offers you the following “Preliminary reports & executive summaries”

- Mapping of Safe-by-Design Methods and Criteria
- Sustainable-by-Design methods and criteria mapping
- Safe by design methods and criteria mapping
- Lifecycle analysis mapping
- Design for circular economy
- Mapping of skills
- Baseline analysis of SSbD criteria per value chain
- Skills, knowledge and education needs and gaps

Please also look on all the other content you can find on IRISS webpage.

Happy reading!
SusChem EU and SusChem CH


The IRISS project aims to connect, synergize and transform the Safe-and-Sustainable-by-Design (SSbD) community in Europe and globally towards a lifecycle approach. 

The concept of Safe-and-Sustainable-by-Design is the core of the IRISS project, which includes focusing early in the supply chain on providing products that are part of circular models while avoiding properties that may be harmful to human health or the environment. It integrates circularity, climate neutrality, functionality and safety of materials, products and processes throughout their life cycle.

In close collaboration with industry, several roadmaps will be developed to implement research and innovation, but also to demonstrate needs that exist in the policy area. Focus is on the value chains for textiles, construction, electronics, energy, automotive, packaging and fragrance.

The project responds to meet the EU Green Deal, EU Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability, and UN Sustainable Development Goals.

David Spichiger, SCS/SusChem CH