A call for nominations for the 2015 Distinguished Women in Chemistry/Chemical Engineering recognition award has been released by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry.

The purpose of the awards programme, initiated as part of the 2011 International Year of Chemistry celebrations, is to acknowledge and promote the work of women chemists/chemical engineers worldwide. That year, IUPAC recognised 24 of the leading women in chemistry from across the world with the “Distinguished Women in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering Award” at its biennial IUPAC World Chemistry Congress held in Puerto Rico, honouring the women chemists with both the award and a symposium in their honor. In 2013, 12 additional women were honoured with the award and a symposium in their honour at the IUPAC World Congress in Istanbul, Turkey.  The 2015 award ceremony will take place during the 2015 IUPAC Congress in August 2015 in Busan, Korea.

Awardees will be selected based on excellence in basic or applied research, distinguished accomplishments in teaching or education, or demonstrated leadership or managerial excellence in the chemical sciences. The Awards Committee is particularly interested in nominees with a history of leadership and/or community service during their careers.


Each nomination requires a primary nominator and two secondary nominators who must each write a letter of recommendation in support of the nomination. A CV of the nominee is required. Self-nominations will not be accepted.

Nominations should be received by 15 February 2015 and submitted by e-mail to <>.


Awardees will be honored at the 2015 IUPAC World Chemistry Congress in Busan, Korea during a celebration in their honor and a symposium. Each awardee will receive a certificate of recognition.

For additional information on the IUPAC 2015 Distinguished Women In Chemistry Awards, contact Fabienne Meyers at <>.

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David Spichiger, SCS