Why do we lose those talents in the academic institutions? What are the possible solutions to avoid this loss? What do leaders can tell us about their experiences?
Achieving gender Equality and diversity in the Natural Sciences: The leaky pipeline phenomenon summarized in a new short video!

The phenomenon of the leaky pipeline describes the decreasing proportion of women in advanced and leading positions in academia. This is particularly visible in the natural sciences. A new video that is based on the webinar series "Achieving Gender Equality and Diversity in the Natural Sciences" by SCNAT Platform Biology covers the reasons behind this loss of talents and explores solutions, thanks to experts in this field. In addition, female researchers in leading positions share their experiences, challenges and solutions.

The series of 9 webinars were broadcasted and recorded in 2021. From history to biology, many specialists shared their experiences. Informations about the webinars and the recordings are available here.

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Concept of the video:

  • Prof. Carmen Faso: Swiss society of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology, University of Bern and board member Platform Biology SCNAT
  • Dr. Astrid Oberson Dräyer: Swiss society of Agronomy and ETH Zurich
  • Prof. Didier Picard: Life Sciences Switzerland and University of Geneva
  • Caroline Reymond: Swiss Academy of Sciences; Platform Biology (SCNAT)
  • Dr. Claudia Rutte: Swiss Academy of Sciences, Platform Biology (SCNAT)

Music: Oggy & The Phonics Album: Folklore Imaginaire Songs: Ragavulin and Immersion
Movie realisation: Caroline Reymond: Swiss Academy of Sciences, Platform Biology (SCNAT)
2022 - CC BY 4.0

Céline Wittwer, SCS