For the first time, the organizers included the exhibitors actively in the program of the SCS Fall Meeting and launched the SCS Exhibitor Challenge. The goal for the participants was to collect as many exhibitor stickers as possible and fill their sticker card. Cards with a complete column or row participated in the lottery of 2x CHF 50.- in cash and all full cards were taken in account for the main prize of CHF 100.- in cash.

The campaign catalyzed the interaction between the booth staff of the exhibitors and the participants and led to many fruitful discussions. The exhibitor, the participants and the organizers were surprised about the dynamic of the challenge and after the successful launch the organizers will, for sure, continue the initiative.


  • 1x 100.- 
    Irina Diukova, EPFL Lausanne
  • 2x 50.-
    Bansal Priyanka, EPFL Lausanne and  
    Mohebodin Karbasiyoun, University of Zurich

180913 Winner ExhibitorChallengeFM18-03180913 Winner ExhibitorChallengeFM18-02180913 Winner ExhibitorChallengeFM18-01


Thanks to all Exhibitors that supported the SCS Fall Meeting and the Exhibitor Challenge.


180913 Exhibitors FM18-01



David Spichiger, SCS