Dr. Urs Burckhardt is appointed as an individual member of SATW in recognition of his research achievements, inventions and product innovations in the field of reactive polymers and cementitious building materials as well as his commitment to close cooperation and networking between industry and academia

Curriculum Vitae
Urs Burckhardt graduated as a chemist from the ETH Zurich in 1993, where he received his doctorate in organometallic chemistry under Prof. A. Togni in 1997. He continued his studies from 1997 to 1998 at UC Berkeley (USA) with Prof. D. Tilley. In 1998 he took up a position as development chemist for adhesives at Sika AG in Zurich and in 2005 became head of the group-wide research activities on reactive polymers. Since 2013, he has been head of research and analytics at Sika Technology AG, temporarily also in charge of product development for coating materials and for concrete admixtures. During this time, he has implemented a number of chemical product innovations from the laboratory to industrial scale and is the author of numerous patents on topics such as catalysis, polymer crosslinking, and the use of polymers.

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