Logo Helvetica Wiley-VHCAHelvetica and the Swiss Chemical Society are proud to announce the 2020 winners of the new Helvetica Prize of the Swiss Chemical Society for the best published papers of PhD/Postdocs 2019/20 in Helvetica Chimica Acta. The prize is endowed with CHF 1'000 for the winner and CHF 500 for the runner up.

The The 2020 prizes go to:

- Jérémy Vuilleumier, (EPFL Lausanne, Group of Prof. Sandrine Gerber)
Title of the publication: «Photocontrolled Release of the Anticancer Drug Chlorambucil with Caged Harmonic Nanoparticles»

- Valentina Galli (University of Geneva, Group of  Prof. Nicolas Winssinger)
Title of the publication: «Caprin‐1 Promotes Cellular Uptake of Nucleic Acids with Backbone and Sequence Discrimination»

Helvetica and SCS congratulate Jérémy and Valentina  for their excellent publications.

Céline Wittwer, SCS