Dear Members of the Division of Medicinal Chemistry & Chemical Biology,

This year will be exciting for the Swiss medicinal chemistry and chemical biology community, which will benefit of a number of major scientific events. We’ll start with a networking event around a talk from Prof. Vilgis on the taste of chocolate, welcome our colleagues from the UK for a commonly organized symposium on the topic you voted for last June, and after the Fall meeting in August, we’ll have the main European congress, EFMC-ISMC, coming to Basel, followed by the European MedChem competition at EFMC-YMCS.

We wish you all a good start in the new year!

News from the DMCCB

International Symposium on Chemical Biology (22-24 Jan 2020, Genève)

The 2020 ISCB will be held in January at Campus Biotech in Geneva. This high-calibre scientific meeting will feature the latest advances within the broad field of Chemical Biology in an atmosphere fostering an open and dynamic dialogue. Organized by the NCCB Chemical Biology, this is the meeting we talked about in our last newsletter, and which will be organized by the DMCCB after 2022.


Chocolate and fat blends: structures, phases, and mouthfeel (16 Jan 2020, 17:30, Basel)

A networking event organized by the DMCCB and the Basel Chemical Society, it will feature a talk by Prof. Thomas Vilgis from the Max Planck Institute in Mainz, at the University of Basel (Chemistry Institute, St. Johanns-Ring 19), followed by a get-together. With such a topic, who could resist? Please visit our website for details.


Second Anglo-Swiss Symposium (February 4, 2020, Basel)

The DMCCB co-organizes the 2nd Anglo-Swiss Symposium with the Biological & Medicinal Chemistry Sector of the Royal Society of Chemistry (UK). This one-day event will take place at the PharmaCenter of the University of Basel and gather top-class speakers from industry and academia, on the topic you selected: “Using chemical biology to identify new targets for Medicinal Chemistry”

Swiss Chemical Society Events

Swiss Snow Symposium 2020 (24-26 Jan 2020, Saas-Fee) 

We are delighted to welcome you on the website of the SwissSnowSymposium 2020, which will take place from 24thto 26th January 2020. The 18th edition of this traditional symposium will be hold in once more in Saas-Fee and provides an innovative platform for young chemists to present their work and to exchange their experience.
A well balanced mix between lectures, short talks and poster session as well as get-togethers at the hotel bar and snow fun activities on the slopes of the Allalin-Mountain guarantee a unique experience of science and fun.

Activities & events from the European Federation of Medicinal Chemistry (EFMC)

EFMC-ISMC 2020: the XXVI EFMC International Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry,  Basel,  September 6-10, 2020

The largest celebration of medicinal chemistry and chemical biology in Europe, this is an event no one should miss. In 2020, it is exceptionally organized by the DMCCB on behalf of EFMC. Invited speakers and session topic have been selected already, but there is still time for you to submit abstract abstracts for posters and oral communication. You can find all information on the conference website.

A word from the past presidentDear DMCCB members,
After six intense years, I handed over the presidency of the DMCCB to Jean-Louis Reymond (Uni Bern). I am happy to say that over this period, we could establish a completely new program and profoundly change the DMCCB. It now has a stronger focus on young investigators, a clearer structure, a board with a gender and age balance representative of the DMCCB members, a strong communication program, a much-improved integration of chemical biology, and a rich panel of activities with Swiss and international partners. In particular, we have established active collaborations with Life Science Switzerland (LS2), the European Federation for Medicinal Chemistry (EFMC) and the NCCR Chemical Biology. Most notably, we could bring the EFMC-ISMC to Switzerland in 2020, and the DMCCB will organize the International Symposium on Chemical Biology (ISCB) after the activities of the NCCR Chemical Biology end, in 2022.I am grateful to all active members who made this possible, increasing the visibility of our discipline and bringing our community together. I will still be involved in the DMCCB activities as past president for the next two years, but less intensely of course. It is time for new ideas and initiatives to shape the future of our Division, to which all of you can contribute.PS: please note that in addition to the activities mentioned above, you will soon hear details about two more events:

  • The Peptide Therapeutics Forum (Basel, Aug 2020), with Thomas Vorherr (Novartis) in the lead.
  • 14th Swiss Course on Medicinal Chemistry (Leysin, 4-9 Oct 2020), organized by Gerhard Müller and his team. | | contact    

SCS Sprint Meeting 2020: Chemistry and the Environment (3 Apr 2020, Muttenz) 

The Swiss Chemical Society Spring Meeting is a one day symposium and provides a high quality program with national and international speakers of a certain topic.

The topic of the 2020 edition is «Environmental Sciences» and the event takes place at the FHNW in Muttenz. The board of the SCS Section Chemistry and the Environment (SCE) invites you to join the event and is looking forward to welcoming you in Muttenz on April 3, 2020.

PhD/Postdoc Seminar: Patenting in Life Sciences & Chemistry (11-12 June 2020, Murten)

How does patenting in life sciences affect – my career? – academic research? – the society?The course consists of a series of lectures on intellectual property protection and patent law, challenges related to intellectual property in an academic environment and in a spin-off company and ethical considerations. You will also discover new job opportunities in the field of intellectual property management. Importantly, you will have the opportunity to participate in workshops where you can gain hands on experiences in the topics described. Read more.

EFMC-YMCS 2020: the 7th EFMC Young Medicinal Chemist Symposium, Basel, September 10-11, 2020

Organized as a satellite event of EFMC-ISMC 2020, this short symposium aims to create a network of young European investigators in Medicinal Chemistry and encourages young investigators to share their scientific work with peers and leaders in the field. This event is a competition for excellence and selects the European Champion in Medicinal Chemistry.