2nd Swiss Green & Sustainable Chemistry Day 2021 (@ILMAC)

2<sup>nd</sup> Swiss Green & Sustainable Chemistry Day 2021 (@ILMAC)

One-day symposium with lectures, award lectures, discussion forum and roundtables about the topic 'Renewable Feedstock and Biomass Valorization'.

Start Date 20.10.2021 - 09:00
Event End 20.10.2021 - 19:00
Location Messe Basel

Join us for us this one-day event, free of charge and designed for interacting and connecting with experts in the field of Renewable Feedstock and Biomass Valorization.

09.30     Ludo DielsUniversity of Antwerp
10.00     Regina Palkovitz, RWTH Aachen university
10.30     Tony DuncanCIRCA. Title to be announced
11.15     Walter LeitnerMax Planck Institut for Energy Conversion, Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany
11.45     Ignaz HöhleinClariant
12.15     Katalin BartaUniversity of Graz. “Cleave and couple: embracing complexity in renewable resources” 

14.00     Thematic Roundtables

Afternoon Session
15.00     Opening of the afternoon session. Introduction to the Clariant CleanTech Award
15.10     Clariant Clean Tech Award Lectures (3x10min)
15.40     Remy Buser, Bloom
16.10     Victor MougelETH Zurich. Title to be announced
16.40     Short break
17.00     Ceremony Clariant Clean Tech Award
17.15     "Green & Sustainable Chemistry Award 2021".  Francesca ParadisiUniversity of Bern. “Harnessing biocatalysis for sustainable synthetic processes"
18.00     SusChem Soirée
18.15     Guest speaker to be announced