WebCheminar: Base-Metal Catalysis presented by Science of Synthesis

WebCheminar: Base-Metal Catalysis presented by Science of Synthesis

This WebChemiars is an online event presented by Science of Synthesis, Thieme Chemistry.

Start Date 22.09.2023 - 09:00
Event End 22.09.2023 - 11:30
Location Online Conference

Catalysis with earth-abundant metals, often referred to as base metals, is having a transformative impact on synthetic chemistry. The research in this area is driven not only by the common interest in the sustainability of chemical synthesis but also by the vast opportunity to discover and develop novel reaction chemistry that is not attainable with rare and precious metal catalysts.

In this Thieme WebCheminar, chaired by Naohiko Yoshikai (Japan), Editor of the recent Science of Synthesis volumes Base-Metal Catalysis, our speakers will present their latest results in the field.

Our lineup:

  • Prof. Lingling Chu (P. R. of China) – “Asymmetric Radical Multicomponent Cross-Couplings”
  • Prof. Ming Joo Koh (R. of Singapore) – “N-Heterocyclic Carbene–Nickel Complexes as Catalysts for Site- and Stereoselective Alkene Carbofunctionalizations”
  • Prof. Tatsuhiko Yoshino (Japan) – “High-Valent-Cobalt-Catalyzed Enantioselective C–H Activation enabled by Chiral Carboxylic Acids”
  • Prof. Zhan Lu (P. R. of China) – “Asymmetric Iron and Cobalt Catalysis via Ligand Design”

This Thieme WebCheminar is of particular interest to organic chemistry students, graduates, and researchers in industry and academia. Sign up now to save your spot!

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