Symposium on Flow Chemistry & Artificial Intelligence: "Towards the close Loop"

The symposium is aimed at colleagues from industry and academia who are interested in sustainable processes using flow technology and computer-aided self-learning systems.

Start Date 28.09.2022 - 09:00
Event End 28.09.2022 - 17:00
Location Expo Beaulieu Lausanne
Expo hall 7, Av. Bergières 10, 1004 Lausanne

The two SCS networks on Flow Chemistry and Artificial Intelligence look forward to welcoming you to the ILMAC Symposium 2022.


09.15 Symposium opening, incl. a short introduction of the two SCS Networks involved
Torsten Luksch, Claudio Battilocchio
Session 1
Chair: Jacques Membrez, Givaudan
09.30 Timothy Noël, University of Amsterdam (NL)
«Applications of continuous-flow photochemistry in organic synthesis»
10.15 Arndt Finkelmann, Syngenta Crop Protection AG
«Digital Chemistry at Syngenta: From academic labs to industrial applications»
10.45 Francesca Paradisi, University of Bern
«Challenges in Flow-Biocatalysis»
11.15 Short Break
11.30 Loïc Roch, Atinary Technologies
«Atinary SDLabs: ML software solutions and self-driving labs to accelerate R&D today»
12.00 Stavros Stavrakis, ETH Zürich
«Droplet-Based Microfluidics for Efficient Materials Discovery»
12.30 Lunch Break
Session 2
Chair: Torsten Luksch, Syngenta Crop Protection
13.45 Amol Thakkar, IBM Research
«Accelerating Chemistry with Cloud-based AI Driven Autonomous Labs»
14.15 Hansjoerg Lehmann, Novartis Pharma AG
«Flow Chemistry at Novartis R&D: The Impact of Automated Platforms and Self-Optimizing Systems in Modern Synthesis»
14.45 Short Break
15.00 Markus Lill, University of Basel
«Combination of structure- and ligand-based AI methods for molecular design for future medicinal chemistry DMT platforms»
15.30 Bernhard Gutmann, Lonza
«Continuous Flow Techniques for Fine Chemical Manufacturing»
16.00 Richard Bourne, University of Leeds (UK)
«Self Optimisation in Flow Chemistry»
16.45 Closing remarks
17.00 Aperitif
Organizing Committee
Claudio Battilocchio, Syngenta 
Jacques Membrez, Givaudan
Torsten Luksch, Syngenta 

Registration and Fees
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