Division of Analytical Sciences (DAS)

The Division of Analytical Sciences (DAS) of the Swiss Chemical Society is a forum for analytical chemistry in the chemical sciences, materials science and the life sciences. The DAS has around 530 members.

Community News

The aims of the DAS are

  • to promote all aspects of analytical chemistry and analytical sciences in Switzerland
  • to disseminate information through the organization or sponsorship of meetings, seminars, workshops and lectures
  • to provide a forum for knowledge transfer and discussion and for interdisciplinary collaborations
  • to highlight the importance of analytical chemistry in research and education, industry, commerce and politics
  • to establish and maintain links with professional societies and institutions in Switzerland and abroad

Main activities

  • Organize CHanalysis, an annual meeting of Swiss analytical scientists from applied and fundamental research representing academie, industry, education, and regulation.
  • Publish the CHIMIA column ‘Highlights in Analytical Chemistry’.
  • Chair the Session Analytical Sciences at the annual SCS Fall Meeting.
  • Represent Switzerland on European level with delegates in the EuChemS Divisions of Analytical Sciences and the Division of Chemistry and the Environment, as well as in Eurachem.
  • Provide further education courses in analytical sciences and quality control.
  • Award excellence in science with the Simon Widmer Award, the METAS Award and the young Analytical Science Travel Award.
  • Collaborate with Springer to publish the journal ‘Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry’ (ABC).