Best Presentation Awards at the SCS Fall Meeting

The best oral- and best poster presentation award program at the SCS Fall Meeting is one of the world's most attractive of its kind. More than CHF 42’000 CHF in total are given to the winners in monetary form, travel grant or free publication opportunities in the Junior Laureates issue of CHIMIA.

We like to address our recognition and thank to the Metrohm Foundation and to DSM Nutritional Products Ltd., that are partnering for the presentation award program for many years.


Best Oral Presentation Award Winners

Analytical Sciences
Winner: Thomas Moragues, ETH Zurich
Runner-up: Tara Forrest, University of Geneva

Catalysis Sciences & Engineering
Winner: Ana Benitez-Mateos, University of Bern 
Runner-up: Anastasiia Komarova, EPFL Lausanne

Computational Chemistry
Winner: Nina Glaser, ETH Zurich 
Runner-up: Jeff Guo, EPFL Lausanne

Chemistry and the Environment
Winner: Inna Nybom, ETH Zurich 
Runner-up: Joanke van Dijk, Empa, St. Gallen

Inorganic Chemistry
Winner: Wowa Stroek, University of Bern
Runner-up: Tzu Chin Chang Chien, University of Basel

Medicinal Chemistry
Winner: Kasimir Kienbeck, University of Zürich 

Organic Chemistry
Winner: Annabell Martin, University of Zurich 
Runner-up: Sven Roediger, ETH Zurich

Physical Chemistry
Winner: Sarah V. Barrass, EPFL Lausanne
Runner-up: Estefanía Sucre-Rosales, Uni Geneva

Polymers, Colloids & Interfaces
Winner: Hyun Suk Wang, ETH Zurich
Runner-up: Priscila Cavassin, University of Bern

Best Poster Presentation Award Winners

Analytical Sciences
Winner: Nora Bernet, Eawag Dübendorf/ETH Zürich 
Runner-up: Michael Hofstetter, ETH Zurich

Catalasys Sciences & Engineering
Winner: Alessandro Walker, ETH Zurich 
Runners-up: Sven Thomas Nappen, ETH Zurich
                             Kazutaka Sakamoto, ETH Zurich

Computational Chemistry
Winner: Sophia Johnson, EPFL Lausanne 
Runner-up: Gabriel Laude, ETH Zurich

Chemistry and the Environment
Winner: Sarah Partanen, Eawag Dübendorf 

Inorganic Chemistry
Winner: Alessandra Logallo, University of Bern 
Runner-up: Daniel Käch, ETH Zurich
                          Giacomo Rigoni, University of Bern

Medicinal Chemistry
Winner: Sebastian Sjöström ETH Zurich
Runner-up: Krittapas Jantarug , Univ. of Zurich

Chemical Biology
Winner: Héloïse M. Bürgisser, Univ. of Zurich
Runner-up: Daniel Richter, ETH Zurich

Organic Chemistry
Winner: Emma Robert, EPFL Lausanne 
Runners-up: Anthony Fernandes, Univ. of Bern
                            Andrea Geraci, University of Basel

Physical Chemistry
Winner: Meghna Manae, ETH Zurich 
Runner-up: Federico Cambiè, PSI
                           Mateusz Suchodol, EPFL Lausanne

Polymers, Colloids & Interfaces
Winner: Kangwei Chen, University of Zurich 
Runner-up: Ilaria Onori, University of Fribourg
                          Jan Thiede, University of Bern