Physical Chemistry Network

The network connects researchers of industry and academia with an interest in physical chemistry and chemical physics. It is part of the Division of Fundamental Research and is linked to the EuChemS Divisions of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry.

Community News

The aims of the Physical Chemistry Network are

  • Organizing meetings, seminars, workshops and lectures.
  • Providing networking platforms for physical and theoretical chemists to exchange ideas and expert knowledge between academia and industry.
  • Disseminating community information and promoting activities of partner organizations.
  • Representing the community’s interests in national and international organizations.

Main activities

  • Organize the SCS Fall Meeting Physical Chemistry Session.
  • Coordinate and promote activities of the RSC journal Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (PCCP), of which SCS holds shares.
  • Inform the community via Social Media channels and this website.
  • Take the guest editor role for CHIMIA thematic issues on a regular basis.
  • Represent the Swiss Chemial Society in the EuChemS Division of Physical Chemistry