In collaboration with DSM-Firmenich, SCS offered again the very attractive and prestigious Fall Meeting Best Poster Award program. Combined with the Best Oral Presentation Awards program this is probably the most highly remunerated award program in the field, and we are very proud and happy to cooperate with our sponsoring partners. We wish to express our sincere gratitude to DSM-Firmenich for their generous support and congratulate all winners for their fantastic contributions.

Dr. Jonathan Medlock, Laboratory Head of Process Research, awarded a total of 24 winners at the end of the SCS Fall Meeting 2023 on August 25, 2023.

Winners of the Best Poster Presentation Awards 2023

Analytical Sciences 
Winner Nora Bernet, Eawag Dübendorf/ETH Zürich 
Runner-up Michael Hofstetter, ETH Zurich
Catalysis Sciences & Engineering 
Winner Alessandro Walker, ETH Zurich 
Runners-up Sven Thomas Nappen, ETH Zurich
  Kazutaka Sakamoto, ETH Zurich
Computational Chemistry 
Winner Sophia Johnson, EPFL Lausanne 
Runner-up Gabriel Laude, ETH Zurich
Chemistry and the Environment 
Winner Sarah Partanen, Eawag Dübendorf 
Inorganic Chemistry 
Winner Alessandra Logallo, University of Bern 
Runners-up Daniel Käch, ETH Zurich
  Giacomo Rigoni, University of Bern
Medicinal Chemistry 
Winner Sebastian Sjöström ETH Zurich 
Runner-up Krittapas Jantarug , Univ. of Zurich
Chemical Biology 
Winner Héloïse M. Bürgisser, Univ. of Zurich
Runner-up Daniel Richter, ETH Zurich
Organic Chemistry 
Winner Emma Robert, EPFL Lausanne 
Runners-up Anthony Fernandes, Univ. of Bern
  Andrea Geraci, University of Basel
Physical Chemistry 
Winner Meghna Manae, ETH Zurich 
Runners-up Federico Cambiè, PSI
  Mateusz Suchodol, EPFL Lausanne
Polymers, Colloids & Interfaces 
Winner Kangwei Chen, University of Zurich 
Runner-up Ilaria Onori, University of Fribourg
  Jan Thiede, University of Bern

Prizes for Winners

- certificate and cash contribution of CHF 200.00
- travel voucher of CHF 750.00 to attend an international conference.
- invitation to present the research in the laureates issue of CHIMIA. Value CHF 540.00

Prizes for Runners‘ up
- certificate and cash contribution of CHF 200.00


Céline Wittwer, SCS