Purpose and Value
The prize is intended to reward original work in chemistry of benefit to mankind, society or nature.
The GRAND PRIX will be awarded for the nineteenth time in 2024, to one or several persons, irrespective of nationality. The prize will carry a monetary award of 35,000 Euros.

All entries must imperatively be presented through a learned society or a national or international scientific organisation without any direct link with the nominee.
Entry forms, together with a report detailing the arguments for the nomination, must be returned to the Fondation de la Maison de la Chimie by 30th April 2024.
These documents should be sent by e-mail to the following address: .
General information including entry forms are available on the Foundation’s website: Grand Prix 2024

The international jury is composed of a Chairman, nine members recognized for their work in the different fields of chemistry, and the laureates of the two previous GRAND PRIX. Three jury members must be of a nationality other than French. The jury is assisted by a scientific coordinator.
The Chairman of the Jury is the incumbent President of the Fondation de la Maison de la Chimie, the other members being appointed by the Board of the Foundation.

Examination of Entries
All entries will be submitted to the jury members for examination. After due deliberation, the jury members will choose the laureate by a majority vote.

Award Ceremony
The laureate will be invited to deliver a lecture on her/his work at an award ceremony that will take place at the Maison de la Chimie in February 2025.



David Spichiger, SCS