We would like to herewith invite you to the online Kickoff Meeting to update the Chemistry Roadmap for Large Research Infrastructures (LRI) on Thursday, 21.03.2024, 09:30-11:30. 

In order to be most efficient, please consult the attached working document providing details on the update process and its timing as well as the proposed agenda for the meeting. The working groups are open to all experts in all fields of chemistry who are interested in developing and/or are already involved in Swiss or international LRIs.

Please register here to get access to the Zoom link and to indicate your preferred LRI to contribute towards:

  • Magnetic Resonance and Magnetism
  • Centre for operando Synchrotron Studies
  • Electron Microscopy and Diffraction
  • Radiochemistry: Targeted Alpha Therapy using Terbium and Other Oncological Solutions (TATTOOS)
  • High-throughput Screening Hub for Chemical Biology
  • National Centre for Translational Chemistry
  • Catalysis Hub
  • New proposed LRI

For questions, please write an email to . We are looking forward to meeting you on March 21, 2024.

Register for the Workshop

Kind regards,
Sandra Hofmann (SCNAT),
on behalf of Rebecca Buller (board member of the SCNAT PF Chemistry)

David Spichiger, SCS