170306 EuroFoodChem

XIXth EuroFoodChem Conference
October 4-6, 2017, Budapest, Hungary
A confernce organized by the Division of Food Chemistry of EuCheMS

The topics of the XIXth EuroFoodChem Conference will reflect the Central Role of Food Chemistry within the Food Science. Specifically: Chemical reactions and interactions of food components; Chemical changes in food under processing and storage; Bioactive constituents and micronutrients; Food flavour, pigments and additives; Functional foods and ingredients; Novel foods and nanomaterials; Food adulteration, authenticity and traceability; Food composition, quality and safety; Novel methods for food chemistry; Food chemistry in bio-economy.


  • Food composition, quality and safety
  • Food chemistry in bio-economy
  • Chemical reactions and interactions of food components
  • Chemical changes in food under processing and storage
  • Bioactive constituents and micronutrients
  • Food flavour, pigments and additives
  • Functional foods and ingredients
  • Novel foods and nanomaterials
  • Food adulteration, authenticity and traceability
  • Novel methods for food chemistry

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Swiss Delegate in the EuCheMS Division of Food Chemistry:
Thomas Gude, 

David Spichiger, SCS