We are happy and proud to report, that the SymplyScience Foundation joined the SCS as a new institutional member. For many years, SymplyScience collaborate with the SCS and now we formalized the partnership. The foundation completes the portfolio of the SCS Division Chemical Education with a wide range of offerings for kids, teens and teachers.

About SimplyScience

The SimplyScience Foundation promotes scientific and technical knowledge among children and young people and provides them with information about possible training and career opportunities. Existing commitments by industry, schools, universities and other associations and foundations are integrated in the activities and cross-linked.

The SimplyScience.ch website went online in October 2008. It is an initiative of scienceindustries, the Swiss chemical, pharmaceutical and life sciences industry association with around 250 member companies (www.scienceindustries.ch). In October 2010, the project was formally transferred to the SimplyScience Foundation

SimplyScience.ch is also supported by the Swiss Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research (EAER) and is part of the initiative "Promoting young talent in science, mathematics and technology NMT


David Spichiger, SCS