180207 SACC-SpringMeeting2018

University of Bern, Departement of Chemistry & Biochemistry
Freiestrasse 3, 3012 Bern

Wed, February 7, 2018, 10:00 - 16:00


10.00  Welcome/Coffee
10.30 Prof. Berend Smit, EPF Lausanne
«The Materials Genome in Action»
11.15 Prof. Jeremy Richardson, ETH Zurich
«Simulation of coupled electron-nuclear reactions in the condensed phase»
12.00 General Assembly SACC
12.15 Poster Session with Sandwich Lunch (UG1)
13.30 Prof. Sandra Luber, University of Zurich
«Vibrational spectroscopy for the condensed phase»
14.15 Prof. Stefano Vanni, University of Fribourg
«Rational Drug Design for Immuno-Oncology using Computational Tools»
15.30 Dr. Ute Roehrig, Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics
«Which oil is right for you? A computational view of oil-lipid-water interfaces»
16.30 End of the Symposium


University of Bern, DCB, Freiestrasse 3, 3012 Bern
> Lectures and Welcome at Hörsaal EG16 (ground floor)
> Postersession in front of “Grosser Hörsaal” UG1

Target Audience

Computational scientists and interested members of the academic and industrial chemistry community


Registration deadline: February 1st, 2018.
Participation Fee: the event is free of charge for SACC members.
Please register via the onlin form:

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PD Dr. Piero Macchi
University of Bern, DCB, Freiestrasse 3, 3012 Bern
Phone: +41 31 631 42 81




David Spichiger, SCG