Chemistry Europe Fellows Program

The Chemistry Europe Fellows Program was established in 2015 by the Chemistry Europe Presidents and Representatives to recognize members of the Chemistry Europe societies for their outstanding achievements and contributions to Chemistry Europe and their service to at least one member society. The Chemistry Europe Fellows Program is established to foster the identity of Chemistry Europe within continental Europe but is not limited to that continent. It is the highest honor given by Chemistry Europe.

Nomination Process

  • The Chemistry Europe Fellows will be announced and honored at the biannual EuChemS conference or during appropriate national meetings in the years in-between.
  • Nominations should include the name, educational background, professional history (no more than 200 words), as well as contributions to Chemistry Europe (no more than 300 words). The submission must document that the nominee's accomplishments, excellence, and leadership are having a lasting impact on Chemistry Europe and its member societies.
  • Nominations for the Chemistry Europe Fellows 2020/2021 must be sent to Dr. Vera Koester, Secretary General Chemistry Europe Fellows Program, by December 3, 2021.
  • The new Fellows Class 2020/2021 will be announced in spring 2022

More information

For questions please contact Dr. Vera Koester, Secretary General of the Chemistry Europe Fellows Program, at

All Chemistry Europe Fellow

There are now a total of 103 Chemistry Europe Fellows and 6 Honorary Fellows.

 (with the change of the name from ChemPubSoc Europe to Chemistry Europe, the name of the Fellows also changed accordingly)


David Spichiger, SCS / Vera Köster, ChemistryViews