181228 ECP

What is the ECP?
Europe´s leading Chemistry industry Partnering event

What’s it all about?
Innovation. Cooperation. Investment. Customers.

What can I get out of it?
A great deal of high-caliber business contacts in One Day.

3rd European Chemistry Partnering
26. February 2019
Kap Europa, Frankfurt, Germany 

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Your fastest way to increase revenue

New Chemical industry customers and partners in one productive day
New customers. New partners. More turn-over. A productive day: More than 500 decision makers attended the 2nd European Chemistry Partnering. The enthusiastic participants came from large organizations as well as investors, from small and medium-sized enterprises, and above all from young companies and chemical start-ups who often find it difficult to engage with the larger companies.

505 participants representing 31 nations from Europe and other innovative countries from four continents came together. Professional short presentations, pre-arranged meetings and the informal pre-event evening gathering created numerous opportunities for contacts. More than 1,200 meetings were arranged. Chemistry, industrial biotechnology, digitization, nanotechnology – many ways to broaden horizons!

The European Chemistry Partnering is international and interdisciplinary.

“Most productive day of the year“, and Michael Brandkamp said after the first ECP Summer Summit in September 2018 in Düsseldorf: “The ECP is a great marketplace” said Michael Brandkamp, Managing Director of High-Tech Gründerfonds, in his opening speech at the first ECP Summer Summit, and added: “We have an unimaginable density of Start-ups in Europe. Here at the ECP, their innovative strength becomes permanently transparent for the first time. And all of us, young growth companies, investors as well as industrial enterprises, need dialog in such an international competitive environment more urgently than ever”.


David Spichiger, SCS