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Discover the future of collaboration at the ECP event
Are you ready to push the boundaries of your field, meet exciting partners and drive breakthrough innovations?
Then you've come to the right place - ECP! Immerse yourself in a world of possibilities and become part of a pioneering platform that brings all industries together.
ECP is a unique partnering event that connects people and enables breakthrough solutions to the big challenges of our time: climate, food, health, housing, mobility, energy, consumption, water - to name but a few.
Our 20-minute Partnering Conversations are at the heart of the event, creating the perfect environment for serendipitous discoveries and true innovation.

Innovation knows no boundaries – partnering across disciplines
Everyone is welcome at the ECP, regardless of industry, position, experience, age, gender, region or discipline. It is the diversity of attendees that inspires creative ideas and leads to amazing breakthroughs. From start-ups to large corporations, the ECP allows everyone to forge new partnerships and drive forward-looking projects.

Our programme - diversity, inspiration and networking
In the center of ECP are the 20-minute partnering meetings that can be prearranged beforehand after having a look onto the personal profiles of each attendee.
However, the ECP offers much more than partnering sessions. An inspiring keynote speech, exciting panel discussions and company pitches enrich the programme.
In addition, our sponsors are organizing workshops to delve deeper into specific topics. And the breaks and informal gatherings are also crucial times to casually make new connections and build networks that will have an impact today and in the future.

Make our word a better and more sustainable place
By bringing together the brightest minds from different fields, we create the conditions for breakthrough solutions and contribute to a sustainable future.
ECP´s expert comes from newly founded companies, startups and scaleups, the Mittelstand and big international brands in chemistry, biotechnology, digitization just to name a few and from all user industries. All kind of investors, multipliers and profound consultants are the glue to create fruitful collaboration from day one.

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ECP opens doors to new partnerships, breakthrough ideas and unexpected opportunities. Join us as the future takes shape!


Hybrid Event

At the 8th ECP, you can benefit in two ways:

  • Onsite: On 6 February you can arrange face-to-face-partnering meetings onsite in Frankfurt along with workshops, pitches and networking
  • Online: On 20 and 21 Februrary you can arrange virtual partnerings meetings for follow-ups and with participants from worldwide

Online Partnering is included in the onsite tickets. In case you are not able to travel to Frankfurt you can book an online only ticket.

Facts about the ECP

The ECP has proved that many times during the past 6 years. All together more than 5000 participants and more than 800 start-ups have attended the event.

Since its initiation in 2017, the ECP has become a melting- pot for start-ups, SMEs, corporates, investors, and user industries: At the ECP you will find support for your cooperations, institute or projects. Originally ECP stood for “European Chemistry Partnering” and developed into a worldwide partnering event especially since digital partnering was established in 2019 and the event broadened its scope to include more industry fields. The background is that chemistry or chemical and biochemical know-how is included in 97% of all products. Today it is therefore a “must-attend” event, not only for those from the field of classic chemistry, and not just petro-chemistry, but the full range of chemistry including every kind of product or process imaginable and even for materials yet to be invented.


David Spichiger, SCS / ECP 2024